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"Steve, Your program is awesome! You are very personable and believable. Thanks so much for your practical, sensible and compassionate approach towards helping others deal with their mental health issues."

Terry S., Nebraska

"Hi Steve, wanted to tell you that these videos have been so much more helpful for me than the past few months of reading books and trying therapy. So nice to learn from someone who’s defeated their anxiety. Thanks for your time and effort!”

Paul M., Minnesota

"I'm working through these ideas and suggestions with my son and am SO thankful for a resource with multiple media sources!!!"

Monique S., Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Let Me Ask You Something, Do You Ever Feel Like This?

  • Feeling like you could "lose it" at any minute, that you're teetering on the edge of disaster.
  • Constantly worrying that you're going to lose control and embarrass yourself in front of others.
  • Avoiding any situation in which you may be "trapped" and unable to escape (driving in traffic, being in crowded places, standing in long lines, public transportation, going to the dentist, etc.)
  • Worried you may be having a heart attack or dying when you become very anxious.
  • Living in constant fear, avoiding more and more social situations.
  • Feeling disconnected from reality or spaced out in a dreamlike state.
  • Often feel lightheaded and overwhelmed with stress, as if you may faint.

If This Sounds Familiar, You're In The Right Place...

Hello, My Name Is Steve Pavilanis, And I'm The Author Of The Award-Winning Book A Life Less Anxious.

I Suffered From Panic Attacks And Severe Social Anxiety For 5 Long Years.

Traditional Treatment Methods Such As Medication And Talk Therapy Simply Didn't Work, So I Set Off To Find Answers For Myself...

Through My Struggles I Discovered A System That Allows Anyone To Beat Anxiety Forever Without Drugs Or Medication.

The Beat Anxiety Forever Coaching Program Is The Direct Result Of Over 10 Years Of Study And Firsthand Experimenting To Find What Really Works

And Eliminates Other So-Called “Solutions” That Don’t Really Work At All…

I Experimented With Hundreds Of Different Techniques And Strategies To Find The Most Successful Long-Term Solutions To Overcoming Panic Attacks And Anxiety Ever And Uncovered These Hidden Patterns And Unique (Sometimes “Odd”) Tactics To Find Success.

Through My Award-Winning Book A Life Less Anxious And My Breakthrough Coaching Programs, I’ve Taught This Exact System To Tens Of Thousands Of People Just Like You All Around The World…

And Now, Starting Today, Their Success Can Be Your Success Too!

My System Will Work For You Even If You Have:

  • Bad Genetics
  • A Family History Of Anxiety
  • You Are A "Nervous" Person
  • A Super-Busy Schedule (This Is Life-Style Friendly!)
  • A Lifetime Of Struggling With Panic Attacks And Social Anxiety
  • OR - If You Think You've Tried Everything!

If You Are Ready For Change And Want To:

  • Free Yourself From The Prison Of Prescription Anxiety Medication
  • Put An End To Living In Fear Of Your Next Panic Attack
  • Letting Your Anxiety And Fears Decide What You Can And Cannot Do
  • Control And Eliminate Scary And Obsessive Thoughts
  • Know How To Calm Yourself In ANY Situation Using Proven Techniques
  • Feel Good And Relaxed Without Relying On Medication Or Alcohol
  • Overcome Your Worst Fears And Find True Freedom In Your Life...

Then The Beat Anxiety Forever Coaching Program Isn't Just "A" System For You...

It Is The Only System For You!

You'll Join Thousands Of Other Success Stories, People Like...

"I've been on the program for a couple of months and all I can say is it's been a great help and I consider myself very fortunate.  A couple of months ago I didn't know where I was going to turn and then I came upon your web site and it must have been my lucky day.  The calming techniques plus the meditation practiced daily seem to be the key for me.  Once again thanks for being a caring person and designing this great program."

Thomas N.
West Virginia

"First and foremost, THANK YOU!  I started having panic attacks and anxiety soon after miscarrying; doctors chalked it up to hormones and tried prescribing Zoloft.  I never filled my prescription after hearing all kinds of horror stories and was determined to conquer anxiety on my own.  After reading your book, working out daily and meditating I feel like ME again!!!  Again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!"

Alicia B.
Cleveland, Ohio

Let's Take A Look At What You’re Going To Get Today Inside Your Copy Of The Beat Anxiety Forever Coaching Program:

The Entire Program Is Organized Step-By-Step For You To Conquer Your Social Anxiety And Panic Attacks, All You Have To Do Is Follow The Lessons In Order And You’ll Be On The Fast Track To Recovery!

Here’s How The Program Is Organized:

  • Calm Down Fast!

    You Will Learn Secret Mental And Physical Techniques To Calm Yourself Down When You Feel Anxious And Out Of Control… 

  • Week 1 Lessons

    You Will Learn The Exact Tools And Strategies To Use To Understand Your Anxiety, Clear Your Mind And Feel Better Quickly

  • Week 2 Lessons

    My Complete List Of Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Daily Life That Will Dramatically Reduce Stress And Anxiety In Your Life…

  • Week 3 Lessons

    You Will Learn Exactly How To Meditate, Even If You’ve Never Tried It And Don’t Think You Can…

  • Week 4 Lessons

    You Will Learn How To Overcome ANY Fear, So You Never Have To Guess What You’re Supposed To Do, You Will Know Exactly What To Do!

To Ensure Your Success, I’d Like To Give You Free Of Charge These Value-Add Bonuses To Help You Beat Anxiety And Get Your Life Back Even Faster!

  • Success Story Interviews

    Learn Exactly How They Did It!

    Hear Interviews With People Just Like You Who Conquered Their Anxiety And Panic Attacks Using My Approach.

  • Video Interview With Mark Pfeffer

    You Will Learn Anxiety Recovery Advice From From Licensed Therapist, Star Of The Hit TV Series “Hoarders” And Director Of The Panic And Anxiety Recovery Center In Chicago.

  • Your Copy Of My Award-Winning Book

    You Will Learn The Exact Techniques And Approaches That Have Helped Tens Of Thousands Of People Just Like You All Around The World.

  • Anxiety Hierarchy Worksheet

    You Will Learn How To Understand, Rank And Conquer ANY Fear.

  • 20 Surprising Ways To Stop Panic And Anxiety

    You Will Learn Simple Techniques To Immediately Reduce Stress And Anxiety In Your Life.

Don't decide now… Take All The Time You Need and
Try The Beat Anxiety Forever Coaching Program for a Full 60 Days.

If You’re Not Satisfied, You Can Get A Full Refund Within 60 Days

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m So Confident That My Program Will Work For You That I’m Guaranteeing Your Results.  If You’re Not Blown Away By The Program In The First 60 Days, Simply Contact Me For A Full Refund.

  • q-iconHow Long Does It Take To Start Working?

    On Average Most People Are Able To Conquer Their Panic Attacks And Social Anxieties Within The First 6-8 Weeks, It All Depends On How Hard You’re Willing To Work – And This Program Makes It As Fast And Easy As Possible.

  • q-iconCan I Do The Program If I Am Currently Taking Medication For Anxiety Or Depression?

    Yes, Many People Do. However, As You Begin To Make Progress, You May Find That You No Longer Need The Medication. We Strongly Advise You Speak With Your Doctor Before Making Any Changes Regarding Your Medication.

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"I have suffered from anxiety for the past 12 years and I have looked far and wide for a book like this. It felt you were writing my the story based on my life and experience with anxiety. I have been to many therapist over the years, and nobody was able to capture the true essence of what people with anxiety feel. Your book has been a tremendous help and I wanted to personally thank you for the work you have done. I am getting ready to begin a graduate program to get my degree in psychology and you can be sure I will recommend your book to all. God bless my friend!"

Rob L., New York, NY

"I Have suffered Panic Attacks on and off for 40 years, I have tried everything. From Medication to Group Therapies. I was so thrilled to discover your book online, now it is my constant go to when I need to calm down, your videos go with me on every Plane I take. Thanks to your tips and tricks I finally have a handle on my Panic Attacks.... Very Grateful."

Carla N., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Get Started Now! Just $99You Will Be Granted Instant Access To My Complete Anxiety Solution Library

"Upon one internet session of desperately trying to find help, I found your book. I bought it after reading the wonderful reviews and read it in one evening. I cannot tell you how much it helped me to know that other people have felt like this. Just knowing that someone else has felt this horrendous panic and anxiety but has had the strength to come through it makes me feel as though I should do it too, for them as well as myself. Thank you for writing this book. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am so grateful."

Jennifer D., United Kingdom

"I just wanted to send you a quick message thanking you for writing such a helpful book, it is so refreshing reading a book that is not written by a stuffy doctor type! It was far easier to relate by reading your own personal experience and have encouraged me to push myself further in exploring my negative beliefs which keep me confined to a minimal way of life, it shows there is light at the end of this dark tunnel 🙂 Thanks!"

Tracey A., United Kingdom

"Hey Steve, just passing by and saying thanks for your great knowledge on anxiety and helping me out greatly. I am on the recovery to becoming less anxious! I believe with all my heart that I will get through. I am doing a lot of meditation, such as healing meditation and mindful meditation. Thanks again Steve for being a good person.”

Armando A., Scottsdale, AZ

"Thank you, Steve for your tireless efforts on behalf of all of us challenged by anxiety. It really helps to know you fully understand and have reached such a calm place in your life yourself."

Ann F., Melbourne, Australia

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Get Started Now! Just $99You Will Be Granted Instant Access To My Complete Anxiety Solution Library

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